Efficient fermentation control a „must“ for quality wine production

„Safe fermentation in enology“ New book published

The fermentation of grape must is a critical period is during the winemaking process to convert the potential wine quality as a result of work in the vineyard in a real enjoyed has a fragrance and taste experience. Very few of the many microorganisms that come in the wine cellar with the grapes are actually suitable for the production of wine, quite a few can even lead to massive loss of quality.

An efficient fermentation control is therefore a „must“ for quality wine production.

Prof. Dr. Manfred Grossmann and Dipl.-Ing. Judith Muno-Bender, both at the Institute of Microbiology and Biochemistry, Geisenheim university operates, describe in the book „Safe fermentation in enology“ (Verlag Eugen Ulmer, Stuttgart) as you can look into, especially with the aid of a microscope in the fermentation processes and knowledge comes, can not deliver the chemical analyzes.

In seven chapters are presented with basic information and step-by-step instructions, what before, during and after a note alcoholic fermentation. The entry provides the list of important parameters to consider when buying a microscope. Subsequently, the most important microscopy method are described in detail and illustrated with many pictures shown.

Important parameters for easy digestion are within the knowledge which yeast species ever found in the fermenting must, how many there are and whether the „real“ wine yeasts actually be in the majority, are still alive and gäraktiv. It is precisely this parameter provides the microscopic image with the help of a hemocytometer and a dyeing process.

Even after the alcoholic fermentation a microscope provides important information for example about the course of biological acid reduction, also known as malolactic fermentation, or of the development of undesirable microorganisms during wine storage. Even in small wineries can be done so through the use of a financially affordable microscope complete control of the microbiological processes involved in winemaking.

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