Verona, 25 March 2015 – The whole world at Vinitaly, with professionals from 140 countries – 20 up compared to 2014.
“The result achieves the goal that we had set ourselves.



Thanks to an increase of 34% in investments dedicated to incoming promotions and cooperation with the Ministry of Economic Development, the Italian Trade Agency-ICE and the Ministry for Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies, we further boosted the already high involvement of foreign buyers,” said Ettore Riello, President of Veronafiere.

Total visitors came to about 150,000, but compared to the past there were more from the Far East, especially Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia. Mexico and Africa also grew, with interesting new entries such as Cameroon and Mozambique. Even North Africa performed well, with a recovery by of Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco both for wine and olive oil at Sol&Agrifood.

“The huge US and Canadian markets alone account for 20% of international visitors totalling 55,000 people. German-speaking countries – Germany, Switzerland, Austria – confirmed their status as the most important with 25% of overall attendance; the United Kingdom took third place with 10%, followed in numerical terms by buyers from Scandinavian countries and Benelux,” said Giovanni Mantovani, CEO & Director General. We have seen considerable satisfaction among exhibitors as regards Vinitaly’s capacity year and year to improve the number of foreign buyers and the quality of visitors, maintaining a high number of contacts, so much so that several leading private-sector companies have already signed three-year renewals for coming editions.”



This is also thanks to new visitor profiling system adopted this year, with further refinement of visitor target selection and registration of all persons entering the show: this will create a database of extraordinary value for future marketing initiatives and international development.

The top ten countries saw impressive growth by France, ahead of Japan, while China, Hong Kong and Taiwan took eighth place. Russia came in ninth, the only country going against trends – the outcome of the current difficult geopolitical situation. The list closes with Brazil in tenth place.

Attendance from other European Union countries also improved, in particular from Poland and Romania. This edition of Vinitaly also saw the return of a degree of optimism on the domestic market, with operators arriving from all over Italy representing the Horeca channel as well as large-scale retail distribution.

Maurizio Martina, Minister of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies “The wine sector is a fundamental asset for Italy that generates more than 14 billion euros in revenue through thousands of companies that represent the richness of our local areas with passion, innovation and professionalism. We want to help such excellence to grow by releasing them from the weight of bureaucracy that has grown in recent years. Over the last twelve months, we have implemented streamlining that has seen the abolition of 64,000 registers, cut unnecessary bureaucracy and at last truly begun to put the public administration at the service of companies. We have also approved the long-awaited decree for planting rights and we were protagonists of extraordinary internationalisation plan that sees agro-foods at the heart of the action».

Minister of Employment and Social Policies
“Vinitaly is a great showcase that allows everyone to see what is going on in this sector and enables companies to make comparisons with other producers.”



Andrea Olivero, Deputy Minister for Agriculture, Food and Forestry Policies: Andrea Olivero, Deputy Minister for Agriculture, Food and Forestry Policies “This edition showed all the more Italy’s great desire for internationalization. The wine sector itself is one of the country’s highest quality fields. Here we have an extraordinary expression of Italy that deserves to be known around the world for excellence and innovation. This is why we have given the go-ahead for a major project supporting Italian agro-foods involving the Ministries of Agriculture, Economic Development and Foreign Affairs, including at last a Strategic Plan for Trade Fairs. If we want to achieves 50 billion euros of exports in this sector, we have to do everything possible.”

The event was attended by more than 2,600 journalists from 46 countries. –


Vinitaly2015 FINEST ITALIAN WINES - 100 Great Producers

Vinitaly2015 FINEST ITALIAN WINES – 100 Great Producers

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