Bulk Wine, Bulk Weine,

The World Bulk Wine Exhibition is a great opportunity for bulk wine buyers and sellers from around the world to meet and discuss the sector’s growing importance as attested by the export numbers: in 2008, Spain exported nearly 900 million litres (at a total value of approximately €310 million), followed by France (729 million litres at a value of over €1,000 million), Argentina (200 million litres), Chile (197 million litres) and Uruguay (0.5 million litres).

A series of conferences with well-known specialists, such as Russell Mildon, former General Director of Agriculture for the European Commission and John Salvi, Master of Wine and journalist, has been scheduled in order to discuss and explain the characteristics of this complex market. The World Bulk Wine Exhibition aims to become the first international trade fair for bulk wine professionals. No such forum currently exits but is very much needed in the current winemaking context.

Bulk wine is the procedure the solution?

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